Pivot 3 Drive FLAT (Throttle Controller)
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Products Description

- Ultra-thin Controller
Our 14mm FLAT model can be installed just about anywhere without interfering with the your interior design.

- Mode Memory
The mode when you start the engine is selectable; the "Same as last" mode or "Normal" mode.

- 3 Modes
Possible to change between three modes: SPORTS mode for higher acceleration response, ECO-mode for lower response and NORMAL mode for standard response.

- 12 steps
In the SPORTS mode, seven step ECO mode is a detailed adjustment of 12 all steps of five steps.

- Acceleration Monitor
Open times of the accelerator (amount of depressing) are displayed and it is convenient for the eco-driving etc./p>

- Easy Installation
Easy installation using car model specific coupling harness.

- Initial Settings
Initial settings can be made for each type of car making it compatible with a wide range of models.

- Digital Circuitry
The high-speed circuitry signal output is not affected by temperature or noise and hence guards against troubles and failures.

- Normal Control when in Reverse
When the vehicle is put into reverse it will automatically return to normal acceleration (wiring where necessary). However, usually when using reverse the degree of acceleration is at most about 10%; in this range there is hardly any change so it is not necessary to wire for using reverse.

- Safety System
The acceleration mode will automatically be returned to "Normal" if the product should break or fail, or if the two signals should separate.